The Standard Employee Benefit Agreement consists of three documents:

  • VSOP – Notes on the Use,
  • VSOP – Grant Letter,
  • VSOP – Option Terms (PDF).

All mentioned documents of the Standard Agreement on Employee Involvement do not claim to be complete and do not constitute or can replace legal or tax advice.

Neither the German Standards Setting Institute nor its associates or the members of the preparatory working group or the law firms or companies to which the members of the working group belong or which they represent are liable for the accuracy and/or completeness of the documents provided.

The members of the VSOP Standard Documents Working Group can be found here.

Download Documents Employee Participation

GESSI VSOP - Notes on the Use (PDF)
GESSI VSOP - Grant Letter (Word)
GESSI VSOP - Grant Letter (PDF)
GESSI VSOP - Option Terms (Word)
GESSI VSOP - Option Terms (PDF)

Published on 24.05.2022

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