The standard contract for convertible loans consists of four parts:

  • the introductory instructions for use, which should be read in advance in order to understand them,
  • the shareholders’ resolution authorizing the taking out of convertible loans
  • the actual convertible loan agreement, and
  •  the conversion obligation.

The documents are supplemented by an Excel calculation tool for convertible loan agreements.

The standard documents convertible loan including the instructions for use and the calculation tool for convertible loan agreements do not claim to be complete and do not constitute legal or tax advice or can replace such advice.

Neither the German Standards Setting Institute nor its associates or the members of the preparatory working group or the law firms or companies to which the members of the working group belong or which they represent are liable for the accuracy and/or completeness of the documents provided.

The members of the convertible loan working group can be found here.

Download standard contractual documents convertible loan (German and English)

Instructions for use of standard documents convertible loan
Shareholder resolution
Convertible loan agreement
Conversion obligation
Calculation tool for convertible loan agreements

Updated (Version 2.0) on 08.02.2021

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